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Nikita Vadimovich:

Many ladies dream of a rape. All of them are getting excited while being raped, even though they realise they are being humiliated that hardly stimulates ovulation.

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Artyom Kokaryev:

Well I understand to get her drunk and fuck But to film it? There's zero common sense, guys are guilty but I'm sorry for them

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Vladimir Dolgih:

Have seen the post on Slut-on-drugs-2 @there's a link with porn video @Open the link with expectations of a quality lively gang rape @school kids just dig a fatso with a pen

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Boratets Trolik:

He didn't Hit the target first, now He will have to pay that slut for her Larva maintenance. He was close to succes. I hope he will be released.

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Hotline for survivors of sexual violence

+7 (499) 901-0201

weekdays from 10am to 8pm Moscow time

How to help our project

The Sisters Center, a Russian non-governmental non-profit organization that helps survivors of sexual violence, was founded by a group of women in Moscow in 1994.

The Sisters Center provides free, anonymously, and unconditionally assistance to all who ask for help, regardless of gender, identity, official place of residence, or any other basis.

The center not got any grants to support its activities in 2015.

Also, the center does not receive aid from any charitable foundations, Russian or foreign.

We are trying to get money any way we can, but under the current political and economic conditions in Russia our fundraising options are shrinking with each passing day and with each charitable foundation’s departure from Russia.

The most important thing for the center is to continue the work of the hotline.

In order to do so, we have to pay at minimum the rental fee for our office.

The Sisters Center hotline +7 (499) 901-02-01 has operated since 1994. Unique specialists helps to all who ask for help regardless of gender, identity, or official place of residence.

The hotline answers calls on weekdays from 10am to 8pm Moscow time.

You can give a donation to support The Sisters Center here:

Give a donation


If you needs more information about The Sisters Center

visit please our syte (in Russian)

or write us sisters.help1994@gmail.com